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Sewing Communities Together

To bring sewing back into Schools and Communities.

This project is about strengthening families and communities through re-introducing traditional skills i.e. sewing, back into families to encourage them to spend more quality time together through this activity.

By reintroducing these skills, it will encourage families to be together and potentially make their own items to use and enjoy.

We will provide sewing sessions for children

We want to do this in two ways.

Firstly, we want to have a central venue where people of all ages can participate, together in an activity which once learnt, can help children to develop social, academic moral & technical skills, acting like catalysts that can fuel mental and physical growth.

Secondly, to have a mobile classroom complete with equipment to hold classes away from the centre and for outlying areas. Including care homes and community centres. It will not be a one-off project as we plan to keep it going for as long as possible.