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Alzec Foundation

Fight against poverty & improving the standards of education in the communities. Organisation of educationalists, IT professionals, medical practitioners in Cameroon of Cameroonian origin.

Education and Training
providing basic education and training opportunities to people of local communities to alleviate poverty and unemployment. Material and monetary support is also given to schools in the form of scholarships, books, computers and uniforms.

Healthcare Education and Prevention
creating awareness and sensitization campaigns in rural centres on basic healthcare, family planning, sex education, immunization, vaccination and sanitation.

Helping the Disadvantaged
Supporting orphans, people with disabilities and street children with food, shoes, clothing, education and shelter.

Human Rights
Initiating, organizing and implementing human rights programs and workshops that promote and protect the rights of those living in rural areas, heightening their sense of civic responsibility and enhancing community leadership. Food Security and Modern Agriculture promoting food security and modern agriculture in rural areas through initiatives in gardening, animal husbandry and poultry breeding.

Volunteering Programs
Organizing volunteer and work camp programs where local and international individuals and groups join hands and skills with the local population to foster developmental activities.


ALZEC vision, in partnership with ALZEC Foundation has been actively involved in several major projects both in Cameroon and in the UK. Each one of its projects is undertaken with the intention of reaching its core mission: to alleviate poverty and educate people in order to engage and empower disadvantaged communities in Cameroon.

Rising Education – The Primary School Project in Cameroon
ALZEC vision, together with 3 students of the University of Dschang, is working on constructing a multi-purpose school in the city of Bafou, located in the West region of Cameroon

In the UK – Bringing Cultures Together
Bringing Cultures Together is a ‘Global Cultures Education Program’ with the main aim of promoting intercultural relationships and raising awareness among students in West Midlands about developmental issues faced by under-developed countries

Dental Care Project
Mouth hygiene and the importance of using a toothbrush properly is of utmost importance in all societies but in some local areas of Cameroon this concern is alarming.

ALZEC vision Computer project collects donated computers from private and commercial donors and sends them to Cameroon where they are used to train students in rural areas and schools.

Scholarships and Grants
ALZEC vision has been supporting a number of schools, orphanages and social centres since its beginning. Our grant making and scholarship initiative serves as a main tool in motivating and enhancing the skills and work of many people and institutions in local Cameroonian societies.

Christmas Party for Orphans
In December each year, ALZEC vision supports children in orphanages and local areas by giving them gifts in the form of toys as well as school material, medication and clothing. A Christmas party, with singing, dancing, food and celebration accompanies the much-awaited gifts, bringing joy and a smile to each child’s face.

Community building Cameroon
Our community building projects help build houses and construct various infrastructure for our community using local building materials and techniques. Working with volunteers or local community members our building team works tirelessly in one of Africa’s to support vulnerable people and children

Africa Children’s Fund
Africa Children’s Fund aims to provide long-term financial support to grow and sustain projects in the realm of supporting children and young people in need in Africa.

Football 4 Life
HIV-AIDS remains an area of large concern in Cameroon and Africa in general and ALZEC vision is fighting hard in rural communities to curb the spread of this disease through football awareness and a number of educational, training and sensitisation programs

Malaria Free Cameroon
Malaria Free Cameroon is an initiative launched by ALZEC vision to save the local population from contracting malaria by providing medications and mosquito net.

Shoe Aid ProjectThe Shoe Aid project is a donation program where shoes are collected in well developed countries, transported to Africa and then freely distributed to children and families in Cameroon.

Sewing 4 Africa
As part of our main activities, we also support and provide equipment and training for sewing classes in Cameroon to encourage entrepreneurship and reduce poverty.

Health Promotion

Happy Child
ALZEC VISION set up a project called ‘Happy child’. With this project we hope to sponsor children living in poverty in their own homes. When you sponsor a child with 50p per day, your money sends them to school, helps feed them, buys the books and uniform needed for schooling, and also covers some medical needs.

Walk for Health in Cameroon (yaounde, Douala, Dschang) and UK (Wolverhampton)
We are continually looking to expand our walking programme and are looking for volunteers to lead new health walks across the city. So, if you enjoy walking and meeting people and have a little spare time why not think about being trained as a volunteer walk leader?

Through volunteering with Walk for Health Bristol you can:

  • explore your local parks and green spaces
  • learn new skills and have new experiences
  • share your skills and experience with others.

RUG, Repair and reuse projects
Repair and reuse projects reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, provide alternatives to incineration and create useful jobs. We believe in quality repairs, making goods affordable, and using everyone’s talents.
Being part of a community of fixers makes people feel good. What’s more learning to fix things is fun: it stimulates the brain and makes people feel more confident and resourceful, as well as saving money.

fix this zip
Children sewing activity
Art Scarf activity